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About us

Know better our company


Europavi is an expert company and with more than 20 years of experience in the sector of the pavements.

We are expert in:

-Continuous pavements
-Pavements with epoxi resins
-Industrial pavements
-Decorative pavements
-Safe pavements in epdm rubber
-Decorative micro-cements
-Slurry, cycle lane
-Pavements finished in 24 hours

Every year we lengthen the permanence of floor of our clients by the state of the art.

We are expert in epoxi resins since more than 20 years, due to our experience in the sector. We are very competitive and very creative and, for it, we only work with the best world manufacturers.

Whom does Europavi help?

To the small, medium companies or individuals in need of a stable, comfortable pavement and that they want a lasting pavement with total guarantee. Be industrial, decorative or of safety and with total rapidity of delivery.

Why we want to help them?

Because we have a lot of experience and we are good at what we do.
We can help you to choose the most suitable pavement depending on your needs.
We can help you to have a space more comfortable and beautiful.
We can teach you to have a pavement more hygienic and clean.
We can teach you to lenght the life of your pavement.
We can together design the pavement you wish.
We can help you to have a more safe pavement.

Why are we qualified?

Our values and our clients support us, recommend us to other clients or re-call us to continue collaborating with them. More than 1000 clients trust in Europavi.

Where are we going?

The Europavi’s view is incrementing the well-being of our clients. Our way to do it is creating long-lasting beautiful clean spaces for your company, house or office.


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